About Us

ICI Security and Risk Management is owned and managed by Riaan Fourie. We specialise in conducting security risk management solutions for private residences, residential and business complexes, business premises, residential estates, office parks,warehouses and other high risk areas.

When our team is assessing the security and risk weaknesses of a property, the team consults with numerous specialists who have expertise in various sectors of the security and crime prevention field, bringing their skills and know-how to the table.

Mission Statement

Our objective of ICI Security Risk Management Solutions is to make all of our facilities and buildings secure and safe while maintaining the quality of life that we have come to expect over many years. We are dealing with sophisticated criminals, who are not afraid of the police and justice system. These criminals are utilising modern technology to exercise their criminal activities in order to make a living. Armed with this knowledge, we assist and empower our clients to meet and address their Security and Risk requirements sufficiently and effectively. Our professionalism is supported by honesty, integrity, innovation and pride.

Vision Statement

We empower business owners, organisations and individuals to effectively and sufficiently protect their businesses, property and livelihood against illicit activities or other irregularities. Our main objective is to be proactive and prevent illicit activities or any irregularities in our client’s environments.

More About Riaan Fourie

Riaan Fourie was employed by the South African Police Force for 19 years. During this period, he gained valuable experience dealing with all crimes as well as syndicates. Through this experience he began to detect and understand how criminal groups and individuals are planning to execute illicit activities.

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During his employment in the SAP, he accomplished to complete a National Diploma in Police Administration, and a B-Tech Degree in the same field. He also successfully completed a year diploma in the flow of Intelligence and Intelligence Mediums, National Diploma in Forensic Auditing.

In 2005, Riaan resigned from the police force, and accepted employment in the Corporate Risk Management Industry. While employed in this environment, he ascertained valuable knowledge and information and he intimately familiarised himself with all risk management and crime prevention tactics that are applicable in the private and corporate environment.

Riaan often discovers that existing security systems and procedures has built-in weaknesses. Experience has taught him that as our security habits change, so does the nature of individuals and groups who commits illicit activities in order to make a living or to supplement their income. In order to stop individuals and groups who commit illicit acts, it is of the utmost importance to have extensive knowledge of all aspects of security, crime prevention and risk management to successfully address and prevent their illicit actions.

Riaan’s career path brought him to the point of recognising a need to serve his clients and community, and to be able to provide a unique service to them and so the company was established.

To date, Riaan, together with his colleagues and associates, have assisted our clients to prevent crime from affecting their lives and assisted them to protect their assets and families.