Crime prevention starts with security risk assessment and implementation of accurate, effective and sufficient policies and procedures. Knowledge and intelligence determines the effectiveness of security. Security plan and feasibility study and conducting a security risk assessment make up the first vital step. A problem cannot be confronted before it is properly identified. Secondly, a plan of action must be developed. The establishment of an effective and sufficient plan and risk management and systems. At your request, we will provide you with a feasibility study of possible security solutions. When we conduct a security risk/threat assessment or analyses on your property, we include a thorough inspection of your work tasks, activities, and premises. We identify potential weak points, we evaluate their risks and recommend preventative and protective measures for your consideration. After the risk/threat assessment, you will be in a position to implement your needs armed with information that will enable you to effectively assess the recommendations.


At I.C.I, we understand that preemptive planning regarding all levels of risk management is essential to success in order to stay competitive in a fast-paced and changing business environment. Over the years the job of security or Asset Protection Officers (APO) has become more sophisticated and responsible. Irrespective of the type of premises our APOs are highly responsible to protect lives, profits and property. We provide Asset Protection Officers based on client specifications, keeping in mind that our solutions are only effective if they meet your needs. Our personnel are P.S.I.R.A. registered and must comply with our strict standards of customer satisfaction and be well groomed and presentable at all times. Our experience, investigative techniques and diversity allow us to develop clear solutions in the present while planning for the future. Our management team and investigators will identify and analyses many factors of our client’s risk management and security needs. We provide Asset Protecting Officers (APO) with different ratings from Grade A to Grade D. The rate per APOs and dog handlers will be determined on the contract and security risk of the client and the rating of the APOs required per contract.


I.C.I. offers a wide range of Investigative, Risk Management and Asset Protection services. Should your situation be professional in origin, or personal in nature, we could assist you to return any irregularities back to normal practice and culture of honesty and integrity. Our proven ability to uncover, acquire and document information in a timely and efficient manner, using whatever legal means necessary to enables us in order to exceed our client’s expectations and provide positive results. The I.C.I. team’s experience in investigative techniques and diversity allows us to develop clear solutions in the present, while planning for the future. Our team will identify and analyse all the factors of our clients’ risk management needs, allowing them to focus on building rather than repairing. Prevention is always better than cure.


Statement Scanning and Hand writing Analysis are an important and immiscible extension of all forensic investigations and form an integral part of procedures in order to profile and to identify possible groups and individuals who are posing a threat either imminently or in the future. Statement and Handwriting Analyses could enable us to act proactively to prevent illicit, violent or any other criminal actions that could impact negatively on family, friends, employees, clients and in all other categories in general living.


Undercover Operator (Agent/UA) is usually used for the purpose to determine whether any illicit activities or irregularities are manifesting in a specific environment.

  • We believe that the UA should be used as a management tool to lease information to relevant individuals and entities regarding performance levels, procedure adherence and dishonesty.
  • The UA will also gather information of employees in all skill levels, Management styles and performances, Union activities and the general attitudes of employees towards the company. This information could enable business owners and managers to prevent management flaws, strikes and other labor issues and financial and stock losses due to criminal and syndicate activities.


I.C.I. offers a unique team of Personal protection officers who provide personal maximum security in a relaxed environment, allowing individuals and families to live in peace with family, friends and business associates. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure that our clients are secure and comfortable in all situations, giving them the peace of mind they need to focus on their objectives. Not only are we professional, punctual and capable, we also adhere to a strict code of confidentiality. Our operatives are experienced in the full range of celebrity protection, and provide every level of personalized service that a celebrity expects. We understand that discretion plays an important part in our ability to handle assignments effectively while protecting our client’s interests. We also have joint ventures with companies who specialise in Polygraph Examinations and Biometric Systems.

Services Plan

We have established a policy of ‘partnering’ with our clients when conducting security risk assessments, involving you closely in the process and providing you with security ideas, skills and know-how. After signing an agreement with you, our work plan is as follows:

  • Physical inspection
  • Development of a security plan
  • Removing the Desire to commit a crime
  • Removing the Ability to commit a crime
  • Removing the Opportunity to commit a crime
  • Security plan

We are results driven. After conducting a security risk assessment, we will audit your existing security system and make suggestions for upgrading. (It can be noted here that it is not always necessary to scrap an existing security system, as most problems encountered with such a system are easily rectified.)

Please note that it is necessary for us to conduct a site inspection before we are in a position to draw up a quote for you. The complexity of your situation will determine the price.

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